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Posters Session

Combining Optimal and Atomic Decomposition of Terminology Association graphs
Marie-Jean Meurs and Eric SanJuan
CPT-L: an Efficient Model for Relational Stochastic Processes
Ingo Thon, Niels Landwehr and Luc De Raedt
A graph-theoretic approach for reducing one-versus-one multi-class classication to ranking
Willem Waegeman, Bernard De Baets and Luc Boullart
Graph Theoretic Measures for Identifying Effective Blockers of Spreading Processes in Dynamic Networks
Habiba Habiba and Tanya Y. Berger-Wolf
High-Order Regularization on Graphs
Dengyong Zhou and Christopher J.C. Burges
A Method to extend Existing Document Clustering Procedures in order to include Relational Information
Tijn Witsenburg and Hendrik Blockeel
Mining Common Semantic Patterns from Descriptions of Failure Knowledge
Weisen Guo and Steven B. Kraines
Mining music graphs through immanantal polynomials
Alberto Pinto
Prediction of Molecular Substructures from Mass Spectrograms Using Constraint Based Clustering
Pieter-Jan Drouillon and Hendrik Blockeel
Probabilistic models for the dynamics of tree-structured data
Nilesh Dalvi, Fei Sha and Philip Bohannon
Randomization Techniques for Statistical Signicance Testing on Graphs
Sami Hanhijärvi, Gemma C. Garriga and Kai Puolamäki
The Skew Spectrum of Graphs
Risi Kondor and Karsten M. Borgwardt
A Structured-Outputs Method for Prediction of Protein Function
Artem Sokolov and Asa Ben-Hur
A structured outputs method for predicting protein binding sites
Michael Hamilton and Asa Ben-Hur
The Sum-Over-Paths Covariance: A novel covariance measure between nodes of a graph
Amin Mantrach, Marco Saerens and Luh Yen
Training Non-linear Structured Prediction Models with Stochastic Gradient Descent
Thomas Gärtner and Shankar Vembu