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International and Interdisciplinary Conference on
Adaptive Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Espoo, Finland, 15-17 June 2005

Sponsored by PASCAL, co-sponsored by IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing), supported by Pattern Recognition Society of Finland, Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society and Finnish Cognitive Linguistics Society, organized by the Laboratory of Computer and Information Science of Helsinki University of Technology

Press releases (in Finnish)

30 Sep 2005: Conference papers available online

17 Jun 2005: AKRR'05 Conference has been successful and has now been closed. According to the current plan next AKRR events are held every year. More information will available soon.
13 Jun 2005: AKRR'05 Conference week has begun:

07 Jun 2005: A page dedicated to the special session on "Towards Human Centric European Information Society" has been opened
03 Jun 2005: Topics related to AKRR'05 conference programme have been widely reported in Finnish media, e.g., research on weather and automatic word segmentation (in Finnish).
02 Jun 2005: Detailed information on how to find the venue is available as well as an updated version of the conference programme.
16 May 2005: Conference programme available.
31 Mar 2005: Instructions for submitting camera ready papers added to the submission page. The same formatting as in earlier versions is in use. Original files are also to be sent as indicated in the instructions. The deadline for the submission is extended to 21st of April.
15 Mar 2005: Most of the reviews are ready and the authors will be sent notification during the following days. If necessary, an extension to the deadline for early registration will be given.
25 Jan 2005: Best papers of the KRBIO'05 symposium will be invited to a special issue of the Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.
17 Jan 2005: Pages for EML'05 symposium on "Emergent Models of Language for Speech Processing and Machine Translation" opened
14 Jan 2005: Pages for FiCLA preconference workshop on "Cognitivism meets Dynamism" opened
07 Jan 2005: Submission page for KRBIO'05 opened
04 Jan 2005: Submission pages for AKRR'05 and AMKLC'05 opened
13 Dec 2004: Information on the conference proceedings
24 Nov 2004: AMKLC'05 symposium web pages opened.
05 Nov 2004: KRBIO'05 symposium web pages opened.


Knowledge representation and reasoning are traditional areas within artificial intelligence. In the modern society they are underlying building blocks in various kinds of information systems and networks. Knowledge representation and reasoning are also central themes in cognitive science and epistemology. Relevant questions include how we know what we know, how we can make useful inferences, and how we can use computers in models and applications of knowledge representation and reasoning. Traditional models have been based on predicate logic, semantic networks and other symbolic representations. One of the central goals of the AKRR'05 conference is to probe alternative representations and algorithms such as statistical latent variable models, vector space representations, statistical machine learning, artificial neural networks, and dynamical systems.

These challenges are of particular interest, e.g., in life sciences, where the complexity of disease mechanisms and the process of developing new drugs require novel approaches. This issue will be the focus of the symposium KRBIO'05.

The symposium AMKLC'05 adresses emergence, complexity and self-organization in cognitive and social systems: how knowledge is being created and established within human and computer-mediated networks and the role of language as an adaptive medium for knowledge building.

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