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For flying to Finland a natural choice is one of the world's oldest operating airlines, Finnair. The arrival is at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

There are three different kinds of transport services at the airport :

The trip from the airport to the city or to the Otaniemi area takes half an hour by taxi, or a little more by public transport. If the traffic is heavy it may take extra 15 minutes.

Bus number 102 shuttles from the early morning till midnight between Helsinki bus station and Otaniemi. The bus leaves from pier 51 at the bus station , which is located in the immediate city center. The trip takes about 10 minutes, 5-7 minutes more if the bus goes via Lauttasaari (marked by T on the bus). The bus stops are marked in the map of Otaniemi by a blue dot.

The conference venue is located at the Helsinki University of Technology in Otaniemi area, city of Espoo (see also some additional information), Finland(see also Lonely Planet travel information). Cities of the capital area - Helsinki and Espoo - lie next to each other on the southern coastline of Finland.

The following maps may help in finding the workshop venue :

Airport Helsinki City Center Map of Otaniemi

Finland Helsinki Capital Area Helsinki University of Technology Neural Networks Research Centre

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