Information for WSOM'97 Authors

Instructions for speakers

The WSOM'97 program is available on these web pages. Each regular talk is given a time slot of 20 minutes, which also includes discussion. Please leave some time for answering questions from the audience.

Both lecture rooms (F and G) are provided with an overhead projector, a slide projector, and a video projector for VCR or PC. Please meet your session chairperson before the start of the session, so he/she knows that your talk will be delivered as scheduled. If you need any technical assistance with your presentation (connecting a portable PC, loading video tapes, slides, etc.), be in the lecture room well before the session and contact the WSOM'97 technical staff who are there to help you. If you have questions regarding the technical equipment, contact

Instructions for poster presentations

The poster session will be on Thursday, June 5, at 15:10 to 16:20. You are recommended to put up your poster already before this, but please be there during the poster session to discuss your results. The poster boards will be present in the poster area from Wednesday 13:00 to Friday 15:30. The boards are provided with the names of the poster authors; find your own board. The maximal size of the poster will be 140 cm (width) x 120 cm (height). Thumb-tacks for putting up the posters will be provided by the organizers (contact the registration desk). Please remove your poster from the board at the latest in the end of the conference.

Prior to the poster session, there will be two parallel poster spotlight sessions from 14:50 to 15:10. Check from the program which session your spotlight is scheduled in. The spotlight presentation is a brief one-minute talk, preferably with only one transparency, in which you have a chance to advertize your poster and tell the audience why they should come to talk with you. Do not give the details here; that is why you have the poster. Concentrate on the problem and your key idea.

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