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Free software developed by us

The FastICA software package implements in various environments the fixed-point algorithm. It is currently the most popular ICA algorithm because of its fast operation and applicability to large-scale problems.

Icasso: Software for investigating the reliability of ICA estimates by clustering and visualization

A Matlab package for denoising source separation, which is a semi-blind source separation technique based on denoising procedures.

Matlab packages for Nonlinear factor analysis (NFA) and Nonlinear dynamical factor analysis (NDFA). NFA can be used for nonlinear PCA and BSS, and NDFA is its extension for blind identification of a nonlinear dynamic state-space model.

A Matlab package for Projective nonnegative matrix factorization (PNMF).

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Drs. Fabian Theis (left) and Jaakko Sarela (middle) together with Prof. Juha Karhunen (right) on Solana beach in the 3rd Int. Conf. on Independent Component Analysis and Signal Separation (ICA2001) held in San Diego, California, USA, in December 2001.