Workshop Program — Friday 28th September, 2012

10:30-10:45 Welcome Address
10:45-11:45 Keynote talk: Evimaria Terzi, Title: Entity Selection and Ranking for Data-mining Applications (abstract)
11:45-12:15Discussion: Challenges in the Area of Community Mining and People Recommenders
Session 1
Mining Network Dynamics
12:15-12:45Sofus Macskassy. Mining Dynamic Networks: The Importance of Pre-processing on Downstream Analytics
12:45-13:15Rushed Kanawati. Mining the Dynamics of Scientific Publication Networks for Collaboration Recommendation
13:15-14:45Lunch (not catered by the ECML PKDD organization)
Session 2
Mining Topics, Communities, and Reccommenders
14:45-15:15Francesco Buccafurri, Gianluca Lax, Biagio Liberto, Antonino Nocera and Domenico Ursino. Supporting Community Mining and People Recommendations in a Social Internetworking Scenario
15:15-15:45Michael Meisel, Stefan Dahms and Andreas Ittner. Testing People To People Recommender in a Live Environment
15:45-16:15Derek Greene, Derek O'Callaghan and Padraig Cunningham. Identifying Topical Twitter Communities via User List Aggregation
16:15 - 16:45Nikolay Anokhin, James Lanagan and Julien Velcin. Social Citation: Finding Roles in Social Networks. An Analysis of TV-Series Web Forums
16:45-17:30Discusion: Challenges in the Area of Community Mining and People Recommenders
17:30-18:00Concluding Remarks

COMMPER 2012 — The Second International Workshop on Mining Communities and People Recommenders, 2012