Download FastICA for Matlab / Octave

The latest version is FastICA 2.5 (published on 19.10.2005). A detailed version control log of changes between versions 2.5 and 2.1 can be found here.

Please select the desired version and suitable file type.

FastICA 2.5 for Matlab 7.x and Matlab 6.x (size: 43 kb)
FastICA_2.5.tar.gz (size: 35 kb)

FastICA 2.1 for Octave

Conversion to octave format by Daniel Ryan. See this page for a tutorial and more information.
FastICA_2.1.octave.tar.gz (size: 21 kb)

FastICA 2.1 for Matlab 5.x (size: 40 kb)
FastICA_2.1.tar.gz (size: 33 kb)

FastICA 1.01 for Matlab 4.x (size: 13 kb)
fica4.tar.gz (size: 11 kb)

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