Data used in connection to the
MEG/EEG ICA project
Ricardo Vigário, Jaakko Särelä and Erkki Oja

PCA and ICA Research Group
Laboratory of Computer and Information Science
Helsinki University of Technology



The data presented in this page contains ongoing MEG data, collected by Professor Riitta Hari and Dr. Veikko Jousmäki at the Brain Research Unit, from the Helsinki University of Technology.

It consists of ongoing 122 dimensional MEG data, contaminated with several artifactual sources. Their SNR vary from sufficiently high to be visible, to too low to be perceived.

The MEG data has been used in the study reported in a recent publication (in NIPS'97).

Please report any problem downloading or dealing with the data to the email address at the bottom of the page. More information on the data may be added to the page, or checked from the reference above.
Some other MEG may, in the future, be added to the common ICA repository. Although, this has been jugged not very relevant for the benchmarking purpose.

Short info on the data:

Format: ASCII    (gzipped)
Approximate size of the files: "gzipped"     -- 10 Mb
"gunzipped" -- 35 Mb
Dimensions of the data matrix: 122 x 17730
Downloading instructions: Click on the right button of the mouse, when on top of the link, 
and save the link  as a file.
Command for decompressing the file: gunzip MEG_art.gz
Loading instructions (in MATLAB): load MEG_art

MEG data


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