Electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography analysis by ICA

Ricardo Vigario and Jaakko Särelä

Some published papers

In this page you will find some of the most recent papers we have published in this project.
  • Vigário, R., Jousmäki, V., Hämäläinen, M., Hari, R., and Oja, E.: Independent Component Analysis for identification of artifacts in Magnetoencephalographic recordings

  • To appear in Advances in Neural Information Processing System 10 (NIPS*97)
    (You can see as well a HTML version of the paper)
  • Ricardo N. Vigário: Extraction of ocular artifacts from EEG using independent component analysis. Electroenceph. clin. Neurophysiol., Vol. 103, pp. 395-404 (1997).

  • (You can see as well a HTML abstract of the paper)
  • Karhunen, J., Oja, E., Wang, L., Vigário, R., and Joutsensalo, J.: A class of neural networks for Independent Component Analysis. IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks 8, pp. 486 - 504 (1997).


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    Ricardo Vigario

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