Imagine you're at a cocktail party. For you it is no problem to follow the discussion of your neighbours, even if there are lots of other sound sources in the room: other discussions in English and in other languages, different kinds of music, etc.. You might even hear a siren from the passing-by police car.

It is not known exactly how humans are able to separate the different sound sources. Independent component analysis is able to do it, if there are at least as many microphones or 'ears' in the room as there are different simultaneous sound sources. In this demo, you can select which sounds are present in your cocktail party. ICA will separate them without knowing anything about the different sound sources or the positions of the microphones.


Select the sound sources you wish by clicking the boxes under the icons. When you click the icons themselves you will hear a sample of the specific sound source.

ICA Research at Helsinki University of Technology

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