Errata to the first printing (2001):

Last update 15 Jun 2006. N.B.: The correct fonts have not been reproduced in this errata. If not otherwise mentioned, no changes in the fonts should be made.

p. 35 1st line: "variance" should be "standard deviation"

p. 41 Eq. (2.101): upper index in sum should be infinity (not "n")

p. 104 Problems 4.17.2 and 4.17.3: text "given x" should be added at the end of the problem statements.

p. 104 Problems 4.18.1 - 4.18.3: the questions should be asking about estimates of "z" and not of "y".

p. 104 Computer assignment 4.1: In the web address "/ mlearn/" should be "/~mlearn/"

p. 108 Eq. (5.5) It should be mentioned for clarity that this a definite integral over the real line. The same applies for any later use of the definition, including the multidimensional case where the integral is taken of the n-dimensional real space.

p. 111 Eq. (5.21) and the next text row: "m" should be "n"

p. 113 Eq. (5.26), first row: "log|M|" should be "log|det M|"

p. 114 Eq. (5.29): on the right-hand side "1" should be "i!".

p. 116 Eq. (5.36): "m" should be "n"

p. 117 Last row before Section 5.6.2: "latter part of (5.39)" should be "(5.40)".

p. 119 Eq. (5.49): "x" should be replaced by Greek "ksi" (twice)

p. 121 Eq. (5.51): there should be a minus sign as the first thing inside the parentheses.

p. 140 2nd row above Eq. (6.33): "C" should be "Cx"

p. 157 Fig. 7.7 caption: "if give" should be "is given"

p. 160 Eq. (7.23): "E{ U y yT UT }" should be "E { U z zT UT}"

p. 164 Problem 7.1: Ignore this one, the claim seems to be false (its would require more assumptions and we're not sure which)

p. 164 Computer assignment 7.1, 3rd row: "Plot the distributions of the independent components" should be "Plot the distributions of the observed mixtures".

p. 171 Eq. (8.6): there should be a minus sign as the first thing inside the parentheses.

p. 177 In Eq. (8.13), left hand side, as well as on 2nd line from bottom: "kurt(wT x)" should be "kurt(wT z)".

p. 183 1st line: "random variable" should be "random vector".

p. 185 Two occurences of "the constant \gamma" should be "the parameter \gamma".

p. 187 Theorem 8.1.: "rows of the mixing matrix" should be "rows of the inverse of the mixing matrix"

p. 189 Eq. (8.43): One closing curly bracket is not in the right place, see Step 4, Table 8.2, p. 190 for the correct place.

p. 193 Fig 8.24: The dashed line that points to the left should be omitted.

p. 196 In both tables, at step 5: the last occurrence of w should have an index: wp and wi , respectively

p. 206 Eq. (9.8): "g'(si)" should be "g'i(si)"

p. 207 line after Eq. (9.13): "gi(yi)" should be "g1(y1)"

p. 208 3rd line after Eq. (9.17): "I" should be "-I"

p. 213 line after Eq. (9.33): the "w"'s should be replaced by "b"'s

p. 218 Problem 9.8: "a gaussian random variable" should be "a gaussian random variable of zero mean and unit variance".

p. 230 Eq. (11.1): on the second line, all exponents "4" should be deleted.

p. 233 lines 1 and 2: "matrix", "matrices" should be "vector", "vectors"

p. 233 Eq. (11.10): right-hand side should be F(w wT) w

p. 235 last line: "cumulant" should be "cumulant tensor"

p. 247 in the very middle: "how the nonlinear function g(y) can be determined" should be "how the nonlinear function f can be determined".

p. 262 Ex. 12.1: "f(y2) = y2" should be "g(y2) = y2"

p. 262 Ex. 12.6: in the equation, add B to the end after the closing bracket.

p. 300 Equation (15.18): "0" should be in boldface (it's a vector)

p. 306 Eq. (16.5): there should be a minus sign as the first thing inside the parentheses.

p. 307 Eq. (16.6): "max" should be "min".

p. 308 Line 5: "descent" should be "ascent".

p. 308 Line 8: "using this new A, we compute the ML estimates of the si(t)" should be "using these new si(t), we compute the ML estimate of A".

p. 320 Equation on 5th line: remove last lonely absolute value sign "|"

p. 331 7th line below Eq. (17.31): remove "S," from the in-line equation.

p. 337 1st line: remove the text "(outputs)"

p. 342 Equation (18.4): there should be a "not equal to" sign between i and j

p. 344 2nd line: the matrix should have superscript z.

p. 346 4th row below Eq. (18.20): "Q" should have Greek small tau as subscript.

p. 348 Eq. (18.27): there should be a minus sign just before the summation sigma.

p. 351 2nd line after (18.31): the definition of C (with bar on top and some sub and superscripts) is wrong, see (18.7) and (18.2) (replacing x by z) for the correct definition.

p. 353 6th row of subsection on ICA and Kolmogoroff complexity: "MLD" should be "MDL".

p. 359 Equation (19,15) and p. 362 Equation (19.22): the subscript of delta should be "k,0" and the conditions on the right-hand side should be "k=0" and "k not equal to 0".

p. 362 three lines below Equation (19.22): "t=k" should be "k=0"

p. 365 Equation (19.29): subscript of S should be "j".

p. 373 Equation (20.2): there should be a minus sign just before the summation sigma. Same thing two lines below.

p. 375 7th line and p. 377 3rd line: the elements summed should be squared as mentioned in the text.

p. 394 Row 3: "functions" should be "function".

p. 397 Row 7 of 3th full paragraph: "could be interpreted as measures of nongaussianity as well" should be "could interpreted as measures of sparseness as well"

p. 457 reference 147: page numbers should be 99-114

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