Instructions for authors

The papers will be collected into a book that will be available at WSOM'99. The book will be published by Elsevier. The full papers should be submitted as camera-ready paper copies, and additionally in electronic form if possible. The abstracts and keywords should be submitted electronically.

A copyright transfer form must be signed before the publication. The form has been sent to you by regular mail; in case you have not received it, please contact the organizers.

The paper copies, the electronic abstract, and the signed copyright transfer form should all be received by

16.4. 1999
This deadline must be strictly followed, in order to give Elsevier time to produce the book.

Formatting the papers

All papers must be written in English. An average paper length of 8-13 pages would be suitable, including an abstract of about 100-200 words. All figures should be in black and white.

The paper should be formatted according to the given model paper in PostScript ( For those using LaTeX the model is available as a LaTeX file (espcrc1.tex). A LaTeX style file (espcrc1.sty) is available and recommended.

Full paper submission

Please submit 3 copies of your final manuscript to

Erkki Oja
WSOM'99 Program Chair
Helsinki University of Technology
Laboratory of Computer and Information Science
P.O. Box 5400
FIN-02015 HUT, Finland
Street address for express delivery:

Konemiehentie 2
FIN-02150 Espoo

With each submitted paper indicate the name, mail, and email address of the principal author. Mark page numbers on the back of the pages using a light pencil.

The final manuscript must be received by the organizers by 16.4. 1999.

Email submission. If possible, please submit your full paper additionally as an electronic file in PostScript format. Email the file to If you have written the paper in LaTeX please send the document source as well.

Abstract submission

Please submit the title and abstract (about 100-200 words) of your paper in plain ASCII text no later than 16.4.1999 using the Abstract Submission Form or by email to the address If you send the abstract by email we would appreciate it if you could use the following format:

Author1 name, affiliation and email address on a single line
Author2 name, affiliation and email address on a single line
Author3 ...
Title of the paper, may take multiple lines
Text of the abstract in multiple lines
5 descriptive words about article
Primary email address used for communicating with the authors

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