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Opening (13:00-14:00)
R. Vihko (President of the Academy of Finland)
E. Oja (Program chair)
T. Kohonen

Session T1 (14:30-16:00)

Analyzing and representing multidimensional quantitative and qualitative data: Demographic study of the Rhone valley. The domestic consumption of the Canadian families.
M. Cottrell, P. Gaubert, P. Letremy, P. Rousset
Value maps: Finding value in markets that are expensive
G. J. Deboeck
Data mining and knowledge discovery with emergent Self-Organizing Feature Maps for multivariate time series
A. Ultsch

Session T2 (16:30-18:00)

From aggregation operators to soft Learning Vector Quantization and clustering algorithms
N. B. Karayiannis
Active learning in Self-Organizing Maps
M. Hasenjäger, H. Ritter, K. Obermayer
Point prototype generation and classifier design
J. C. Bezdek, L. I. Kuncheva

FRIDAY, July 2

Session F1 (8:30-10:00)

Self-Organizing Maps on non-Euclidean spaces
H. Ritter

Self-Organising Maps for pattern recognition
N. M. Allinson, H. Yin

Tree structured Self-Organizing Maps
P. Koikkalainen

Session F2 (10:30-12:30)

Growing self-organizing networks --- history, status quo, and perspectives
B. Fritzke
Equiprobabilistic adaptive subspace maps
M.M. Van Hulle
Kohonen Self-Organizing Map with quantized weights
P. Thiran
On the optimization of Self-Organizing Maps by genetic algorithms
D. Polani

Lunch, Demonstrations

Session F3 (14:30-16:00)

Self organization of a massive text document collection
T. Kohonen, S. Kaski, K. Lagus, J. Salojärvi, J. Honkela, V. Paatero, A. Saarela
Document classification with Self-Organizing Maps
D. Merkl
Navigation in databases using Self-Organising Maps
S. A. Shumsky

Session F4 (16:30-18:00)

A SOM-based sensing approach to robotic manipulation tasks
E. Cervera, A. P. del Pobil
SOM-TSP: An approach to optimize surface component mounting on a printed circuit board
H. Tokutaka, K. Fujimura
Self-Organising Maps in computer aided design of electronic circuits
A. Hemani, A. Postula


Session S1 (8:30-10:00)

Modeling self-organization in the visual cortex
R. Miikkulainen, J. A. Bednar, Y. Choe, J. Sirosh
A spatio-temporal memory based on SOMs with activity diffusion
N. R. Euliano, J. C. Principe
Advances in modeling cortical maps
P. G. Morasso, V. Sanguineti, F. Frisone

Session S2 (10:30-12:00)

Topology preservation in Self-Organizing Maps
T. Villmann
Second-order learning in Self-Organizing Maps
R. Der, M. Herrmann
Energy functions for Self-Organizing Maps
T. Heskes

Lunch, Demonstrations

Session S3 (13:30-15:00)

LVQ and single trial EEG classification
G. Pfurtscheller, M. Pregenzer
Self-Organizing Map in categorization of voice qualities
L. Leinonen
Chemometric analyses with Self Organising Feature Maps: A worked example of the analysis of cosmetics using Raman spectroscopy
R. Goodacre, N. Kaderbhai, A. C. McGovern, E. A. Goodacre

Session S4 (15:30-17:00)

Self-Organizing Maps for content-based image database retrieval
E. Oja, J. Laaksonen, M. Koskela, S. Brandt
Indexing audio documents by using latent semantic analysis and SOM
M. Kurimo
Self-Organizing Map in analysis of large-scale industrial systems
O. Simula, J. Ahola, E. Alhoniemi, J. Himberg, J. Vesanto

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