AKRR'08 - International and Interdisciplinary Conference on

Adaptive Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Porvoo, Finland, September 17-19, 2008


Knowledge representation and reasoning are traditional areas within artificial intelligence. In the modern society they are underlying building blocks in various kinds of information systems and networks. Knowledge representation and reasoning are also central themes in cognitive science and epistemology. Relevant questions include how we know what we know, how we can make useful inferences, and how we can use computers in models and applications of knowledge representation and reasoning. Traditional models have been based on predicate logic, semantic networks and other symbolic representations. One of the central goals of the AKRR'08 conference is to probe alternative representations and algorithms such as statistical latent variable models, vector space representations, statistical machine learning, artificial neural networks, and dynamical systems.

European Symposium on Time Series Prediction

The conference is organized jointly with ESTSP 2008, European Symposium on Time Series Prediction.

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AKRR'08 is supported by:

INNS ENNS PASCAL2 TSV Pattern recognition TKK
International Neural Networks Society European Neural Networks Society Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling
and Computational Learning
Federation of Finnish Learned Societies Pattern Recognition Society of Finland Helsinki University of Technology,
Department of Information and Computer Science