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From January 6, 2014, Martin Loos from EAWAG in Switzerland is a visiting researcher, staying here up to November 2014.


From September 1 2013, Prof. Juha Karhunen is the new head of the EIML group, when the former head Prof. Olli Simula retired.


Qi Yu successfully defended her dissertation on Machine Learning for Corporate Bankruptcy Prediction. Congratulations!


Anton Akusok and Alexander Grigorievskiy became researchers and graduate students in the EIML group. Welcome!

Environmental and Industrial Machine Learning Group

The Environmental and Industrial Machine Learning (EIML) research group belongs to the Department of Information and Computer Science at the Aalto University School of Science, Espoo, Finland.

The EIML group continues the work of the former Time Series Prediction and Chemoinformatics as well as Adaptive Informatics Applications groups, and is developing new machine learning techniques:

The head of the group is Prof. Juha Karhunen. The EIML group has been created and its practical research efforts are led by Dr. Amaury Lendasse, who is Docent and Senior lecturer. The Industrial Machine Learning part is under the responsibility of Dr. Francesco Corona, Docent.

Physically, the group is located in Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland, in the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) building of Aalto University. The address of the CSE building is Konemiehentie 2C, 02150 Espoo, Finland. The mail address is P.O. Box 15400, 00076 Aalto, Espoo, Finland. The email addresses of the group members are of the form: firstname.surname@aalto.fi .


Group Head Group Leader Docent Postdocs

Doctoral Students

Alumni (Doctors, Postdocs)

Visitors and Former Students

Tatiana Chistiakova,  Benoit Frenay,  Alberto Guillen,  Jin Hao,  Milan Jurik,  Yongnan Ji,  Laura Kainulainen,  Tuomas Kärnä,  Martin Loos,  Fernando Mateo,  Tommi PesuNima Reyhani Eric SéverinLi YaoZhanxing Zhu.